The Mexico Snaffu

It is the day of snaffuing. The dawsp post wasn’t supposed to go there…but I’m leaving it.

My family is going to Mexico. This is good…more than 20 of us heading out to the Carribean for a good get away. Now I even get to bring a friend. I asked J. but his vacation is already taken up by the Carribean adventure he’s on this week. So I’m taking M.

We’re going to Playa del Carmen. Some of our family can’t come…like the 18 year old cousin who rather stay at home with her friendsShe’s going to regret this…poor girl. or the Peruvian aunt who is still in citizenship process and can’t leave the country.

Sucks to be them.

So we’ll go, have fun. I’m taking the pooh bunny too. She’s pretty excited.

I love Mexico.

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