The Pain of it all Currently Rests in my Behind

I forgot to blog yesterday.  I had another mini ant war.   I think they decided to chance it because of the rain.  Bastards. 

A 30 minute run and good food…but I broke the diet for pms chocolate.  Not alot though.  Today was weights again and lower body.  Ow.  I know the pain will be worse tomarrow.  Oh ow.

 Daily Joy:  Alone time.  Yeah!

 My brother is finally getting married next year.  Should be interesting, but it means we have to go to Texas, not my favorite place.

 My work computer is still pooched.  They promise a fix today but I’m really behind.

 Sigh.  I found Bear & Cat’s costumes.  They went on a little safari this week but were back in time to pose for costume pictures.  Those should be up at What Fuzz? today or tomarrow.

I used to be amused by Utopians. With life experience, I have grown to fear them. The great failing of Utopians is that they can never accept that someone else might not want to be a part of their utopian vision. Like ill-mannered tourists, they assume that if you don’t agree with them, it must be because they’re not explaining it simply enough, or often enough, or loudly enough, or ultimately, because you’re stupid. Utopians always think achieving Utopia is simply a matter of education—and then re-education—and then coercion, legislation, litigation medication conditioning threats book-burnings eugenics surgical modifications hunting down the counter-revolutionaries killing the reactionaries genetic engineering—and ultimately all Utopians, no matter how nobly they begin, always end up at the same conclusion: that the only thing that keeps Man from building a secular heaven here on Earth is the nature of Man, therefore we must build a New and Better Man.The Ranting Room



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