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I really like the Denver Writer’s Meetup. For the past year I have been working to bring it into focus into something that will help writers.

And I believe that chatting is something that brings a group together. So when meetup started a mailing list option I jumped on. It hasn’t been used much….77 messages total since April. But every time it’s used some one emails the list asking people to stop posting irrelevant info or why they are on a mailing list.

Dear lord it’s 2007 and this argument is still going on?

So I make a point to correct these people that this is a chat list…not just a news list and that they can opt out of the mailing list feature and just get the news itemsthe mailing list is an opt-in feature of meetup. But then they get offended. So I had a few quite…which were quickly replaced by new sign ups. One guy just signed up for meetup alerts for writers group which sends me an email telling me send him a message. What a laugh. I don’t get upset when people leave the group…I can’t be everything to everyone…which is why I promote other writing activities and events.

So onwards and forwards.

The Japanese study is taking shape. I’ve got all my vocab, kana and kanji cards in order for the first lesson. A lot is coming back to me without effort.

I’m going to check out SuperSlowZone today. It’s a weight training center. I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford it but I’m going to see. I really need to work out more and this is in my building so I can hope over during lunch.

You may have noticed a the County Borders link on the side there. I’m preparing a web comic! I’m still in the character development stage…but the ideas are there!

So lots to do…software to learn…modules to finish writing…novels to work on. It’s all good.

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