There is a Point When You Know

Whether you outline or write by the seat of your pants…you don’t always know what your book is about. Oh you may think you do. If you’re an outliner, like me, then you have a plan. You know the ending.

But that doesn’t mean you know what that book is about.

It comes in the writing. In our critique group we have this awesome writer. Her book should be published once finished, because it is entirely awesome and well written. However, when we got the last two chapters we all had an aha moment. She didn’t know what her book was about, but in two chapters it became obvious. So much in fact she has to edit earlier, perceived to be perfect chapters, to include the correct leading information. It’s not a complete overhaul just a few name drops here and there. But finally she knew and so did we.

It’s one of those things, that when it happens, suddenly you really like what you’re writing. Event if you loved it before.

Now her book, about X, still has

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
Parley is the French word for everyone else is flat-footed and bare-handed.DM of the Rings







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