There is no Quantum of Solace

Because the Bond movie was so unerring BAD, that it even beats out Roger Moore’s worst days as the jet setting spy player.

How bad was it? Think Episode 2…now very carefully insert a writer’s strike in there.

Yes, that bad.

They rewrote Casino Royale characters, they butchered the plot (plot should NEVER happen off screen), they didn’t do any research and EVERYONE was evil…making you hate everyone.

With some hope they can fix this. The writer of QS was the same writer as CR…but the directors and producers wouldn’t wait for the strike to be over. So what you get is a very large pile of dogshit. Only you can’t tell it’s dogshit because someone went in there and played with it until it looked like ravioli.

So that pretty much ruined our Friday.

Saturday was the day of J.’s sprouting full form into a crotchety old man. Or so he says. We had a great dinner at La Central. I spent the day nanoing…all very good. M.’s laptop is dying in a horrific way. Hopefully she’ll get that sorted out.

Sunday was more of the same….I realize I haven’t been updating my word count on the website…need to do that…I’m past 30,000 words.

Other than that I’m populating the Genghis website with all kinds of goodies (re: games) for February.

Everything is energy in motion.Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan



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