There is TMI in this Post Amoung the Weekend Updates

So no, the weekend did not start out well with my computer dying, again. I’m actually extremely upset now as I know it’s a hardware issue. At the end of the week I should have an update on that. Any bets on what I’ll get from Dell this time?

Writing went well this weekend. Not only did I finish a chapter, but I’ve joined a new critique group. This is looks much more committed than my last group and we have a good range of folks both in ability and background. After they left I managed to pound out another 1000 words. Creativity abounds.

We did Aia’s b-day party this weekend. McDonald’s totally dropped the ball. Nothing was ready, no one seemed to know what to do. They managed to get their act together in the end but dang. We’re not going back there next year. So I need to scout out a new place.

Heroes sucks now…have I told you that? The suckage is so bad that they are now sticking random sex in for the hell of it. Noah actually waited to start shooting until after teh sexes. Stupid. Hiro is still my fav as he’s the ONLY character to learn from his mistakes. And the only guy who deals with the bad guys first. Chances of continuing to watch this show though are near nil.

Our movie night is now on LOST. Day late and a dollar short I know. We’re finding the show fairly predictable, but good anyway. We can deal with that. People say it’s gets weirder. We’ll see.

Now for the TMI. My period started this weekend. The bad thing about that? It’s only been two and a half weeks since my last period. Not good. In fact very bad. The last time this happened, I was in the middle of massive cancer screenings which boiled down to the hypothyroidism. Has it gone further in the wonky? Or is this the PCOS? With the hair loss, the bloating, the mood thing I’m worried. Doc on Friday. Hoping we can deal with this with a medication adjustment. Hoping.

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