They put me in a hallway.

Let’s not kid ourselves.  I’m on the bottom rung in this particular hell pit.  I had a nice big office.  Got moved to a smaller office.  No big deal for me.

But now?  Now I’m being moved to a cube, who open half is a hallway.  I can be seen from the kitchen, the copier, and my old bosses office.  Plus it’s loud!  Very Very loud.

Ipod, don’t fail me know.

My partner thinks she’ll last a week.  (She’s in the hallway with me).  I am not happy.    Where the hell am I going to find a new job?  How?  I have to keep this one until I find another.  I can’t afford to not have a job right now.


I am your commanding officer and I am ordering you to let the dance out!Men Who Stare at Goats







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