So lots to do this week.

I got an answer to the mysql questions for the webhost for the new site I’m working on. They installed Phpmyadmin under my domain. Great. Still can’t create my own databases but the one they created is there. Of course self populating php scripts don’t seem to work on the windows server. sigh. This is getting heavy. If they had said nothing I would have installed phpmyadmin myself.

I have never felt so powerless when dealing with a webhost. Even GoDaddy isn’t this bad…and GoDaddy is very, very bad.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m sure they are great for ASP programmers. They are friendly, and fast to answer support emails. But as for me…a css and php gal it’s broken. I’m still trying to get things to work. It’s not their fault…they do windows and asp…php and mysql are courtesy.


Still no bites on the house. I hope something happens with that soon.

I’ll be in Texas at the end of this week…then off to Vegas the next. Things are moving.

…I have a sudden passion for the wild wood. We should be free as air in the wild wood. What say you? Shall we go?Robin Hood






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