Things don’t go so smooth.

Gah. (If you haven’t been able to tell, I write this offline and generally don’t post the same day I write them. Clearing up the confusion.)

I’m running a little behind. Mostly my fault. I need to figure out a lot of things, like where to send Mistaken, and Change. I’ve got an idea or two but Change has some technical difficultlies. Like the the markets this short story is perfect for only want 3000 words, and if I put the changes in Change to make the story better it will break that count. This seems like an easy choice, but I’m not all that positive that those changes will make a difference.

Then there’s poor Becca’s website. Technical problems on the host’s end kept me from seeing that page at most of last week. For whatever reason (ip problems I believe, except Sunday night) kept me from the weekend. So far I’ve got to solve the attributes so slow problem. I thing I have. I really need to break down more of the attributes. Then get file uploading (or sending) available. Finally I need the gallery and links back up. Talk about frustrating. Well, it’s frustrating to me…nothing is ever straight forward in webdesign. Wednsday night proved harsh. I could not get it to stay on ftp for more than a minute while I was trying to update. The online control panel her hosting provides won’t allow overwrites. I managed to get but at 11 I was too tired to check for things I might have broken.

Sunday night was distracting enough. I’m going to be the House of Dragon’s web mistress. Fun, fun. I’m working on a layout but not much can be done until the domain is all transfered. Bugger, that always makes me nervous. But I think I’ve got a good idea. Their logo is a signpost type. I think I’ll have it on the left, leading into the design with the menus on the right. I’ve been working out the CSS. I’m thinking purple gold and black colors. Of course I can’t psp 10 to work at all. Bugger, I might have to go back to 8. Not so big a deal but I spent $50 on the damn thing.

I’m going to clean off the Beast and put him in storage. He has been a good machine. But I’ve got to get him out of the living room. Badly. (Which is what I did, poor guy is now closeted until a need presents itself. The beast will rise again!)

Life has just gotten in the way. So tonight amid Bab5 chaos I’m going to get some of this done. Then I have time Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. Possiblly more if Becca doesn’t get back to me on time stuff. Speaking of Bab5, we’ve gotten to season 3. The majority of the problem characters are gone. They got rid of one I really liked and kept Dr. Longwind. I see death in his future. Well, I can hope. Either way we cheer evertime Ivonova says, “It failed” during the credits. We’re sick, I know.

Random moment! There are new recipes. Many new ones in fact! Yeah me!

In the News:

I’m pretty disgusted by the whole port scandel. Talk about blatent racism from all sides. Where are they getting this stupid poll that says 90% of Americans are against Dubai taking over the ports. If this is true I’m happy to be in the non-racist 10%.


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