Things I forgot to say….

Cat has be reincarnated….and I finally got to the latest photos. That includes DR…look for those soonish.

I’m back on Flex…I couldn’t handle core. It was like I wasn’t on a diet at all. And that’s not good. Mean while WW has changed my points again…I only get 22 a day now. Ouch. Since my goal each day is to stay below points…that makes it a bit rougher. Don’t shake your head…the HT and PCOS requires I keep my points lower.

Worse things…for a long time I’ve gotten a pressure in my throat that makes me breath in burps. Coughing usually clears it…and until this month it usually only happened in a stuffy car…now it’s constant. Breathing is work.

My hair is falling out in large clumps now. How would I look bald? I don’t know…but I’m not going to be one of those comb-over woman. No way in hell.

I’m still a month and a half away from my next doctor’s appointment. I’m on track to be 160lbs by then…my current goal. That would be a total 30lbs lost and a miracle.

I’m a miracle maker.

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  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    First, YAY!!! Go you! Second – I understand the hair-falling-out thing. I was so glad that I had extra thick hair before surgery, because now it’s “normal” according to most standards. If you can, start taking Biotin capsules – Walgreens has them mixed in with all the other vitamins, etc. I took two a day for probably a year until I plateaued out on the weight loss. As long as I keep my protien way up and took a couple of those a day, I stopped having the issues with my hair. My hairdresser tell me that it looks like it’ growing back in, but I think she just wants to make me feel better… 🙂

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Hey thanks! Actually for me it’s a side effect of PCOS…my meds may be off since I’ve lost weight.

    I’ll look into biotin but I have to be careful because supplements can affect my meds in a bad way.

  3. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    Definitely get the dosage checked out. Some of my stuff has changed wtih the loss, others not so much since I now have absorption issues. I’m not sure if the Biotin would affect the rest of the cocktail or not, but there’s a lot of reputable sites you probably already know about anyway. They say it’s good for nails too, but doesn’t seem to be on me, so meh… My nails are as crappy as ever.

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