Things I Learned to Do in 2014

  • How to eat without coughing my lungs out
  • Pickling and Preserving all the things
  • Pillow Lace basics
  • Super Dungeon Explore
  • How to make my own cough medicine and cough drops
  • Planting a garden for herbs not just pretty flowers
  • Consistent JavaScript from scratch (no more modding existing code)
  • That Flash still sucks after all these years since the last time I took a college course on it (2000ish)
  • That my job doesn’t have to suck
  • How to edit a second novel
  • How to treat anxiety
  • That beading tapestries is addicting even if an exercise in crazy
  • Painting with acrylics on canvas is a good way to find an excuse to buy more paint for minis
  • Beginning sculpting.
  • Beginning stone sculpting\
  • Writing in the present tense.
  • App writing
  • PHP apps
Evil always takes what it wants, why does virtue have to prove itself over and over again?Park Jin
Alchemy of Souls





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