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Things I’d Tell A Younger Me

A List.

When the teach told you could only read the books in your bin for your reading group of one, which had already read. And if you fussed she would take away all the books, steal the books in the other bins when she wasn’t looking.

When they lock you in a room to do your work, leave out the window.

When you are put in special ed classes as punishment for not being able to see the board, needed clear instructions, not having the ability to draw or cut in a straight line, tell people that this happening to you.

When that teacher screamed at you for being a B personality type and a follower, you should just leave the classroom and not go back to that class.

When you were held back a grade because the school would look dumb for letting you pass on even though you had passed the grade with all As, demand to move to high school.

When that boy who tormented you for three years both physically and mentally used nepotism to get you punished for what he did, stand up and demand someone else be there for this meeting as that principle had no business making decisions for children when his nephew was involved.

When that teacher threw things at you because you didn’t know the answers, throw them back. You have great aim. Hit him in the head.

When they told you not to enter the Navy because you are blind, do it any way.

When they told you could not peruse aerospace because the only women who could had to be in the military even though you had enough credits under your belt from the previous school to have a minor. Go to the dean. Failing that, go public.

When the man that scored your aptitude test told you should be locked up for the rest of your life, demand to know why.

When they told you, you were brilliant, demand that they help you use that brilliance.

When they said you could not take coding classes because they were hard, go to the dean.

When they ask you why you are here because you are smart, stand up and tell people exactly why you had to take any shit job you could no matter what they did.

When they treat you badly for not smiling, for being truthful, and for telling them they are screwing up. Leave.

When they tell you no. Do it anyway.

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