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The holiday weekend was full of weird things. First, of course, came Thanksgiving. This holiday went like most except Aia decided to have a full on melt down which resulted in a spanking and a long time out (which relatives trying “help” by giving her whatever she wanted didn’t). Basically she spilt water on her dress. I took her in the back room where gma keeps another wardrobe for her (really, she does) and started picking through them. This is where the full on fit happened as she insisted that the clothes weren’t hers even when gma came back to show me where all her clothes were. Aia started screaming and hitting. We got the dress off and the new one on. She didn’t stop and got a spanking and time out.

Being at the grandparents meant I had to take drastic measures. I then took the dress (and all her other overnight clothes) and hid them. Not two seconds later the aunt and the gpa were looking for the dress to give back to her in all its sopping glory. I wouldn’t tell them were it was. Gpa went back to try to threaten her out of crying when she revealed to his horror that she’d been spanked.

OMG the earful I got. Spanking is evil, I’m a horrible mother, I should be taken away in chains etc.

Wait for it.

From the man who used to use his BELT.

If you don’t see the irony here, I can’t help you. My daughter gets a swat on the bum and dress put over her head. She’s never had a belt to her bum. I have and it still hurts.

Finally she calmed down. Other relatives came and all was forgotten. By the end of the night my daughter was sitting with me again. When she came out and apologized, I washed her face, gave her a drink and some food. Then we played Hawaiian Go Fish. The rest of the night went well.

Friday I had to work. Very quiet. Didn’t get much done except writing though. The interwebs were not cooperating with me.

Saturday we brined the turkey and took off for Colorado City. Shooting was fun. We blew up Diet Cokes that we had sitting around. As we got ready with glasses and ear protection, J. began freaking out. He lost his sunglasses. I only stopped laughing long enough to point out that they were on his face. While still giggling I bullseyed a can on the first shot. Go me.

We left with the intent to do more shooting on Sunday. When checked into the hotel we found out it had free wireless aptly named, “This connection is hackable”. Then we headed into Colorado City…which turned out not to have a downtown at all. We made it Rye before giving up. We had planned to go to Bishop’s Castle but decided we couldn’t make it there before sunset (closing time).

For dinner we hit Texas Roadhouse. That was good, though the waitress was dumbfounded when I ordered my sweet potato with only sour cream and butter. Luckily none of the chefs decided they heard wrong. The green beans tasted like squishy bacon. Trust me…that isn’t as good as it sounds.

We saw Transporter 3. Absolute crap. Which is too bad. We’re getting movies now that suffered from writer’s strike itis. Doesn’t bod well.

I finished the nylon bag knitting project. Realized that I had been doing the purl stitch wrong until the end. I’ve got purl down now. Who knew that you had to move the thread first? Stitch n’ Bitch set me straight. I also cast on that scarf staring with brown worsted wool. The humungo needles are fun. Still I don’t under stand how the SB girl holds the very large straight needles under her arm pit. She must have no boobs. And stumpy arms. No offense, I have stumpy arms and large boobs. Of course her humungo needles might be way bigger than mine. In fact that’s probably true as well.

I started reading Yarn Harlot’s Secret Life of Knitters. Great book, but that woman is way to OCD. How can you loose a pattern? And why stuff projects in weird ass places? I gets I am a project knitter not process. All weird.

We woke up Sunday to a fire alarm. Which went off right away, then on again and off again. Must have been faulty wiring because it was blizzarding out. So we checked out and hit the road as we had to be home by three. It took (normally 3 hours) 5 hours to get home. Good thing that alarm kept going off, despite the head ache.

We had a good last write in. I got out another 2000 words. M. made the finish line. After that we came home to the turkey just coming out of the oven and the dogs coming home clean. It was a nice night.

This morning it appeared that the basement flooded. After J. made move a ton of books and we realized it wasn’t coming from the walls. I grabbed a tissue and dabbed some up (should have done that first). Dog pee. Dagny dog pee every where. That means medication failure and another vet trip. I made J. vacuum it up. Good thing we still had M.’s steam vac. Thanks M.!

Now I need to get back DGA stuff. Everything is ready except some last minute back end stuff and those damned tickets. Very damned tickets. Blargh.

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