Thinking Ahead

Tacticon was extra fun. Had a few weird moments but I’ll get to those.

The Serenity game, both slots, were just awesome…the players really got into it. I think it’s a little too weird for J. but he had fun. Throughout the con I got the most comments from that game. And really for those you who were there for the Sat 2pm slot…I don’t think anyone will forget “Wu Enterprises wins again!” I couldn’t breathe. Both games were so totally different that I have to think long and hard about how I want to continue the next one. Suggestion from players: Create a synopsis of the games the influenced the scenario so far. Great idea! I’ll have to put one up here and put the link in the next blurb for Ghengis. Also: Table control. The first one got out of my hands lots. That’s something I have to work on.

Paranoia had a few Snafus but went well. I should have stressed to the players to read ALL of the character sheet before the slot in the first game. Otherwise it was a lot of fun. Setting fire to every single room was insane.

But not as insane as the Saturday night game. I had way too many players. The coordinator got crazy about sending them to me…I had to turn a few away. This table kept trying to talk about the rules…then they really got into it. It was NUTS. Everyone got their hands on dynamite. One player left since he didn’t feel well. I suspect different but this game is not Dnd. I killed randomly, some more than others…let players kill each other, was totally unfair about points, and randomly ignored players. If this was Dnd, I should have been reported to Con HQ…but this was Paranoia…that’s what the game is all about…especially if you play crazy. On the GM rating sheet I got marked as being unfair. That was the funniest part…yes I was totally unfair. Zap away. I will be doing a blended mission for Ghengis. Suggestion from Players: Add a paragraph about the world itself…not the rules but the rules of the world. Another great idea…I will will write one up for the characters.

Witchcraft…well it was bad and good. The last slot did not go of. 1 kid showed…I thought…so I decided to call the game…turns out that the rest of my table was sitting at the next table down. So I went to get the other player. Then they told me that they didn’t want to play. Not a problem…still felt bad about the semi-abandonment though. I was ready but they did want to do other things. Oh well.

Then there was the Friday night slot. Go read the Tacticon pages at Lore and Legacy. I had the blog linked because this guy sent the link to the House of Dragons list before the con. I didn’t know he signed up for two of my games. He and his friend didn’t play in any of them.

But read that and come back. I’ll wait. Edit: He’s taken down the posts.

So that terrible judge there in both those posts? That’s me, you know with the people skills of a badger.

I am not the greatest judge in the world. Far from it. This is first con I’ve run anything besides Greyhawk and Serenity. But to say I was not prepared? Let’s just break this down.

I get my table together and head up to room. We sit…and guy next to me says he can’t stay but he’ll be right back. Okay…fine, I hand out character sheets and start my spiel. It’s short. Rip and his band are con artists who are taking this town for a ride. They get up a noon…drink at the bar…go out with a parade and sit in the woods drinking tequila. They all have a little magic. A kid died during a hunting accident, the local librarian…who is a nut job was interviewed and told everyone it was vampires. Armed with the knowledge that there are no Vampires in the US, Rip creates the scam of being Vampire hunters. I want to know if the players have questions. No one had immediate questions about the sheets. K, great: This is where you are…what do you want to do.

The guy next to me cast a spell then he had to go. He left. K. I started going around the table. People as questions about what they can do…I clarify. Before I get to the last guy…he has to go to the bathroom. What guy takes all his stuff when going to the bathroom? A guy who is ditching a game.

I check the clock…we’ve been playing for 10 minutes. We hadn’t gotten to any real dice rolling yet. I am left with three players who really want to play. Two of them generously ask to take the two abandoned characters. Great…we got on.

It was hilarious. They broke the module right away. I had them set up to find a girl in a gully. Do they go save her? No. I was told “Sacrifices must be made”. They end up really saving the town. They set characters on fire, they had to deal with a slow police chief who has the gravity understanding of a walnut. It was a great game. There was a shopping cart scene in which they planned their attack…it was so on the fly and we had a good time. Player suggestions from the three that actually played: The magic rules need more refining. The rules in the book suck…the con rules I came up with didn’t work so well. I’m not sure if I’ll run Witchcraft again I might try to go with another system for Rip and his gang.

We discussed the setting and the rules as we got to them. We had a great time. As you can read from the blog…well nevermind. I’m not sure what they expected. The guy who left last was apparently a mini gamer and expected a rules oriented game…not necessarily Roll playing but definitely not Role playing. The quiet uncomfortable player at the table never gets the apple. I was that girl once. I don’t think I am now.

For the record even though he chose to blog about how much I suck and not bring up questions at the game so he could have played…he did email me later and apologize. After I responded to that email I started checking blogs for the day and read what he wrote. I’m not sure how sincere he was now. I know that he wasn’t listening to what was going on. I know he left without speaking a word except “Bathroom”. I expect criticism, but name calling is uncalled for.

I’m positive that this is why they ditched the Serenity game. Too bad for them. They probably missed one of the best speeches at the entire con with some of the best role players.

As to his actual criticism (the email he sent, not the blog entry or actual actions), some of them made sense…others did not for the time allowed:

Player introductions. Ya know the thought never crossed my mind. Players who know each other usually introduce each other to other players they know. But I’ve never sat a table and had the judge give me his name then go around and introduce the players. Not a bad idea. I’ll keep it in mind. Introductions always happened after a game or at the bar…if at all. Crap…one lady I’ve been talking to for the last three years just traded names with me…yesterday. I don’t know why that metal barrier is up but I know it’s not just me.

After that he apparently stopped listening: “I didn’t know the motivations for our characters in the storyline. All I caught was that we were in a mountain town, the townspeople were convinced a kid was killed by vampires, and we were in the woods drinking tequila.”

Did he read the sheet? I’m not sure. (He hasn’t responded to my email yet.) Other than they he was expecting rules to be taught…in my mind they were…later…we we got to mechanics. All I can say is that he apparently didn’t expect to act like his character. First and foremost that is what I expect to do at games. That’s what I expect players to do at my games. Rules for rolling dice come after that if at all sometimes.

Anyway…I had fun. I even got to use another player’s wife as a character example. I died in one game (flayed really), fought a dragon as a commoner, and beat Norse gods at a test.

It was a lot of fun.

Other weird moments. Nearly every table I ran or sat at broken into song.

Oh, you’re that Michelle” came up every time I sat the bar or went into the dealer’s room. I’m still not sure which “That” the various people who said “that” meant. But they were all nice.

For Ghengis: Spelljammer. I expect that no one will play. But dang, I feel like trying.

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  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar

    The DGA head honchos were self-serving and dicks. I didn’t see them much, but they weren’t missed. Um you’re gamers, get over yourselves 49%

    Ummm… huh? You didn’t see them much, but when you did, you assumed we were dicks & self-serving? I don’t get it…

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Yeah…for a guy who had never been to a convention before he really had a lot of opinions he knew nothing about.

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