This Week, This Year, This Time

Aia is coloring wooden blocks in art class. Why? So she can make dice. She’s also concerned for the Huntress’s love life in the Justice League. I’d say my daughter needs a hobby but she doesn’t.

I’ve decided join up on the beta of The 101 Method put together by Steve Barnes and Mushtaq Ali.  The system is a combination of body, mind and spirit exercises to focus you on your goals.  It mirrors and compliments Steve’s Life Writing program, which is a year long program to train writings in the art of writing.

One of the first things you do is come up with three goals.

1.  Lose another 40lbs.

2.  Finish the damn novel.

3.  Dedicate a part of every day to things that make me whole (I know, nebulous much?). This is a variety of things I would like to do in a day, meditate more, spend time with the daughter, with the SO.  Relax, play, paint.  Need more fun.
So that’s where I’m going.

Exercise, Check.

Doing things to make them happen, Check.

Diet.  Utoh, time think.  I’ve been all over the place in the last year.  Low Carb is key.  Barnes’ advocates IF, which I’ve done in the past with success.  Lets see how this goes.  Today is the first IF day.

Clarify my goals.

1.  Exercise is key.  I have have been going through the program on My Fitness Coach with success.  I faithfully follow the exercises and ask to up the intensity if a section proved easy.  I’ve combined this with the Tibetans and beginning Tai Chi.  I’m a skier, flow is important.  Can’t lie to the Wii.  It has no problem telling me what I should do and when and why.  It expects me.  So stay on target with IF and Exercise.

2.  SBICaW.  Really, I’m more than halfway done.  Just Write.  I’ve got support, I’ve got time, I’ve got ability.  Go.

3.  Spend at least two hours a day doing some thing fun with people.  Easy, games, cooking, movies, painting, meditation (seriously, when you do this with a young child who wants do what her mommy does, it’s just enlightening and more than fun).  Not so easy…still have to clean the house, keep the animals sane, and drill in spelling words…did I mention I’m a girl scout leader?

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