Those silly things I do

Lots of silly things .

I entered the latest CGTalk Challenge. Should be fun. Who knows if I’ll finish…or even get very far. Time to exercise some modeling muscles I haven’t used in more than a year.

Still working on Becca’s site. The damn attributes are taking so long! But soon, Soon! I need to extrapolate on the special orders will cost more later. Don’t want to give Becca angry customers right off. Just waiting on the transfer to be complete on HOD…then the madness will begin there. S. is still percolating on the design. NP there.

Crap at work is still more crap. I got a headhunter call yesterday…made my day. Hopefull a new job will come out of that. Gessh, I swear I had more to say than this. Writing is slow…little bits on chapter 5, on the Serenity module. I’m still waffling on Mistaken and Changes. I’m going to let that brew a little bit in my mind before dumping them out again. I got the poohbunny into school!!!! 5am, I’m standing outside the school gym freezing my touchie off with about 50 other parents. But I did it. I got her in. I’m so happy. We were all pretty congenial. The evil sports parents turned up late and had to wait in the back, no one got pushy. It was quick for all the waitng. I got magic number 33, which translates into 2 for the number spot I got. yeah!

I wanna shout at these kids to log off my e-lawn.Real Life Comics






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