Those Things They Do…

I find that life is strange. I’ve spent the last couple days at work covering my butt as it were. With the revelation that my company might be breaking the law, I’ve done my best to keep them from doing it on my time. They think I’m overreacting and wasting time, but as the only peon and resident scapegoat I refuse to become such at a later date.

Can’t say I’m surprised or anything. If there are still good ‘ol boy’s organizations alcohol is certainly it.

Writing side I’m working on a tough scene in chapter six. Events are set in motion finally; not that the others weren’t as important but now Ronyn and Lukaus (names still pending) meet. And so begins a strange love quadrangle between a girl, a boy, a lunatic and his country.

Who ever decides they’re reading a story about mages going to school is going to be just a little sorry. In fact, this is the second to last chapter in which the four main characters are in school. Chapter six is mostly written. Lots of my flash of insights went into this chapter. I’m facing the fact that I’m going to have to write out Philist. He was a talking tabby with the grey & black stripe combo. It will make Ronyn more powerful. Not that entire unicorn scene needs to be cut. (Yes, unicorn. It’s also time to be introduced to the fauna. I’m allowed to have unicorns if I want them. Evil, flesh eating monstrosities though they be.) Way back when Minbinnd wasn’t such a prick he was the savior figure. Since then (about the time I decided everyone had to older, like 18 & 20), I rewrote the scene to make Caedric the savior figure. He’s not the fatherly, wise savior either. He’s the hothead, love-lorn, uber child. Hrm…by taking out Philist and giving that power to Ronyn I could make it a tension event….ideas, ideas.

The Serenity module is moving forward. I just need to make the characters now. Becca’s site is moving forward too. I think, well as long as it isn’t Bab5 night (we’re changing nights, I think, middle of season 3 things are definitely good now), then I’ll work on HOD tonight. I am un happy with the calendar app, I want that news app up, etc.

If not, that will happen Wednesday.

Let’s complete this circle with a look back at work, shall we? When the hell did bathing become optional in corporate America? I’m sorry but when management walks around with greasy hair and smelling like a shit pool, there is something wrong.

It’s pretty nasty. I take a shower every day no matter how late it will make me. I can forgive missing a day as long as you didn’t roll in garlic and puke first. But these upper management types are getting on my nerves. It’s not all of them, but a few keys really need to visit shower more than once a month.


If I can afford water on my little pay then can afford spa baths. No excuses.


Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to readGrocho Marx



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