Thoughts on a Con

Lots of things to talk about. Genghis was fun, I had fun, I got play new games and some old ones.

🙂 Other than random hotel problems, I had a pretty good time. I wanted to stay through the awards but I got a call to get my daughter early. That’s okay, I was dead tired. At least I stayed long enough to get the deadlines for Bencon. (See below for importance).

However, let us backtrack for a bit.

Writing goes well. I’ve almost finished rewriting chapter 5. The first four chapters are in the hands of the beta. Will I get to third person? Hard to say. However this nifty little Mary-Sue test. Ronyn isn’t a Mary-Sue (Def: a character who is the author’s fantasy). Yeah! Makes me feel better.

I got a rejection from Art & Letters for Mistaken. Typical rejection, except for a little hand written note on the letter that said, Sorry to say no, The Editors. That was kind of nifty. They may do it to every letter…who knows, but it felt nice on a space limitation rejection.

So off to polish that and send it again. I found that I could reword quite a few things. This was probably the most objective edit I’ve been able to do to this story.

The Convention last weekend was fun (I know I said that). I got to play two games of Serenity. I’ve had a few ideas for modules for it and after some various discussions and a little brow-beating from a friend I decided to writer an evolution one shot for Bencon. Of course that means I’m going to have to judge.

Oh gods…

I’ve been avoiding this like the plague. I have stage fright. It’s scary to be responsible for a group. I get a tight feeling in my chest just thinking about it.

Oh gods…

But as that friend pointed out, you’ve written modules, you’ve co-gm’d, Serenity is a system you know and can handle, and that whole being in front of a group thing…well you’ve handled that before miss co-founder of the CSU PSA.

Couldn’t argue with that.

This means I can’t say no judging pulp, I’ve told J. as much. After all, it’s pulp.

I must be nuts.

A few people mentioned laying down some rules. Be laid back about, don’t let the players lawyer you down, keep them going.

Well the first rule is no D&D judging. That’s mine. I know my limitations. I can’t think as fast on the math, I won’t know every detail of the books they bring for whatever. Crap, it’s the main reason why I don’t play LG anymore…I don’t know what I’m doing and at the rate they change rules I would not be able to keep up even if I memorized the player’s handbook.

So no D&D, no LG. Okay, Serenity, maybe pulp. I can deal with that.

I must be crazy.

I’ve got to get some stuff together. But overall I can do this. I love one shots where the major NPC’s are played by one of the players. Let them hook themselves. I’ve got to get a blurb together. The majority of the characters (I’m planning for eight) are fleshed out in my mind. I’ve got a plot and a conflict.

I just need the courage.


So, I took the first step. I told people I was going to do it. That will make me have to, cause I’ve said it out loud to over 15 people.

So okay, must write blurb and get it to the coordinator by March. I can do this.

I’ll write the blurb tonight, send it off then work on Becca’s site. You can now order from her catalog. I’ll be working on attributes to customize the order as well. Then file sending for custom images. There is a lot to do on that site. But it works and its nice to look at. Sigh.

The ex landed himself in trouble. Poohbunny’s dad screwed up banking. I was married to the man for 5 years, I can’t say I’m surprised. The moron doesn’t understand banks. He finally says he has it fixed but I’m a little leery. What he pays covers daycare, karate, insurance and fun for the Pooh Bunny. I can afford to do it all myself, but only if I cancel just about everything I named above and then the phone, movies, games, exercise and fun stuff Aia and I do.


I’ll check my account again later. I want to throttle that man, badly. He may think I don’t know that “I’m still doing research on what happened” translates to “I spent all the money, waited to deposit my check too long, then spent that before I bothered”, but really I knew what had happened as soon as I saw the bounce in my account. You don’t go through this 12 times with out being bitter. You just don’t. He has no excuse. He was in the same personal finance class I was. I learned all I know about banks, checking, money and loans from there…I do okay. Sigh.

Well back to work. More updates later…I know I have recipies to post.

Maybe that explains Poland.Charles De Lint



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