Thoughts on FFXIV Open Beta

I’ve been playing the open beta of FFXIV. It runs slow right now on both my computers. Now both of them blow away the specs, except my tablet only has a 1.3gig processor. So I expect it to be slow on that. However if I log in late at night or early in the morning there’s no lag or slowness. I have the graphics setting up on both computers just to see if they can handle it.

The graphics themselves are beautiful. From the vegetation to the water to the character design the graphics really really nice. The picture above is just outside the city of Ul’dah.

The game play is different. I chose to make my character a goldsmith. Battle is active, no auto-attack as far as I can tell. Simular to how 12 and 13 handled it. I can change jobs by switching weapons. I wish I had more of an idea of how the points affect things. I haven’t hit any of the fatigue limits.

The first quest in Ul’dah, “Some Like It Hot”, was interesting. It showed you the politics of the city, basic crafting, emotes, layout of the city, battle mode, and gave you starting cash. Things are more expensive in FFXIV than in XI so the end pay is in the 10s of thousands.

The game works much better with a gamepad than mouse and keyboard. It has more reliance on menus than XI did. Things like active maps, in game help, teleport, retainers are listed in the map but seem to be off for the OB.

I’m having fun. I hope that the slow and stability issues less with initial release.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battlePhilo






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