Thousand Shards of Glass

There are a thousand and one things I hate about this job. My current favorite is, “Well, Enie used to…”

Come on.

Do I look like Enie? Am I black, big and following any lord’s plan? Come off it. No, I will not do this for you. I don’t have time to do this for you.

Screw off.

They took away my plants Monday because the owners are in town. Like I give a flying screw.

But all is not lost, in order to “save money”, ya know besides subtracting from the profit share, they have begun to waffle on the POS position. (This does not mean what you think it does not mean, or maybe it does).

See, AL “left” the position in order to take up a sales position. But the PTB haven’t posted her job. They keep telling her to do the job. Then today I get a call from our current clueless event lady for a POS request.

Who gave her my number? I’m suspiscious. Until now my only role in the POS gig was to forward all requests to AL. So I talk to a number of people who apparently don’t know the scoop either. But one hapless newbie vp, (we have many of those…vp’s are essential personel, the people who support their ass are not) has agreed to field these calls.

The sucker punch is that I don’t know if I’ve dodged the bullet again or put a nail in the coffin.

But on brighter notes I tasted that new nameless sandwich from Einsteins. Oh it was good, so very good. So very very good. Go eat one so they keep it. I’m trying to loose weight afterall.

The HOD transfer is almost complete. Silly me forgot about the nameservers. I hope didn’t acidently scare the dragon queen with my crazy 1am emails.

And”>look! The w-lady has a blog. She came to writer’s group again. Which was fun for all. Now I need to just get off my but. Tonight Becca’s webpage, changes and mistaken time. Then maybe some challenge (should have done that at the lan party this weekend instead of playing zoo tycoon, evil animals. I’ve got laundry, dishes and bathrooms to clean tonight too. I should be able to fit it in cause it’s left over bonanza and Gilmore Girls on two tvs.

yeah me!

No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.George S. Patton



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