Time to Put the Deck Away

Having finished my third Hallowquest I think it is time to put the Arthurian Tarot away. I’ve been reading with these cards for nearly twenty years, nearly every day. I know them as well as I know standard tarot. But…

I want to expand my readings. I use tarot of course but there more decks to study and work with and this system, while comfortable, while good. I need a break.

Part of this because I’m doing other path working. I got my hands on Benebell Wen’s Spirit Keeper’s Tarot and I want to spend a good amount of time with this deck.

I want to expand my practice.

My daily practice has changed over the years. Currently a daily draw of two types, including the Hallowquest companions. Candle lighting. Incense offering. Meditation and study. Right now that’s Holistic Tarot, Quareia, and B.O.T.A.

So I put the books on the shelf, and packed away the cards in their boxes. I plan to post a video on Hallowquest. Will I do another one? Maybe. The companions spread works with any deck and is a great way to get to know the cards. I’ll keep an eye out for any new printings, I have all three, but even the authors have appeared to move on.

It’s weird to stop something you’ve done for almost two decades. It has influenced my life in ways I never would have imagined. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hallowquest to anyone who wants to try path working.

So it’s goodbye for now.

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