Time Would Be…

Today’s side affects: nausea and dizziness.

Today’s Bitch: Hershey Kisses. Oh Noes! So wants…so can’ts haves.

Between my thighs telling me that they hate me (yeah exercise) and my brain waffling between marijuana contact high mode and oh shit I have to hurl mode…I’m not feeling all that chipper. J. cheers me up though. I managed to paint and assemble several miniatures last night and do the laundry. Tonight is the parent teacher conference and then Japanese.



くそみたいな感じがする…would be a better answer…but that’s just not done.

That webpage thing…I’m working out the one kink that would make it workable for php. Then I can put a form up. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing until we can have a meeting.

I’ve been pretty staled on writing for the most part. 1) I want to get that webpage together before I start Nanowrimo…2) I need to get the world info in to the wiki I setup. I hate wiki’s for the most part but I think I’ve got one that works.

And you two who are supposed to be reading the work so far need it hope to it.

Hey now, no hitting.

The first kick off for Nano went well. We’ll do again this coming Sunday. I’m hoping I’ll feel less flighty by then. I’ve got a lot of cleaning to do and such. I rather just curl up on the couch and play Mario 64…but I need to get things done.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
The rulebooks never say that players earn XP for finding ways to imply the other guys at the table might be gay, but you would never know this from observing their behavior.DM of the Rings






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    The Dragon Queen

    I’m back – we can meet 🙂

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