I’m tired…I’m hungry…How far?

Wakko never spoke truer words. I could lie down and sleep just now but then I would be fired, and I’d miss gaming tonight. I need caffeine and the machine ate my quarters.


But then again I get to do the happy dance!

I found a great gallery script that integrated with no problems at all. It works (happy dance!) It works. I was so surprised after the nightmare that was selectapix (don’t bother unless you want it to be default or really want to hack their code) and the countless tries after it.

Let me list what I wanted: categories, thumbnails, captions, comments…and of course integration. Finally I found something…no comments thought but maybe later.

Go take a look…but there won’t be any pictures till after Monday.

I’m kind of disappointed in Wendy’s.

I went there for lunch today to try one of their new salads. Their spinach salad is only partly spinach…most of it is nasty lettuce.

I hate food shortcuts. I’m not a big fan of fast food to begin with. When the do achieve food quality, it only lasts for a few short months, before they start taking out the goods. Makes me sad. At least with Wendy’s you have a little good salad with much waste. McDonald’s is sad enough to barely try….after you eat the chicken fillet on top there is nothing but lettuce.

But I did discover yogurt malt balls at Vitamin Cottage here in Colorado. Try them! Num!

I have so many reviews to write…sigh. Better get on that too. (But gaming first!)

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  1. Rob Ford Avatar

    As the one of the original authors of SelectaPix I was, of course, disappointed to find this article.
    The original application was designed to be a gallery ‘section’ for an existing site, however, I’ve had a few requests from people asking if it were possible to make it easier to integrate into existing PHP pages.
    I have actually done this now and version 1.3 is available on our site.
    It no longer uses includes and as such should be very simple to integrate.
    It’s true that we don’t advertise ‘free’ advice but given that this is free software what do you expect? When we receive emails asking for help/advice we always respond (in what free time we have).

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