Today’s Stupidity is Not Brought to You by Work…

My first ex is an idiot.

He perpetually bounces child support checks. This can be chalked up for two reasons under the heading “He Doesn’t Understand How Banks Work”:

1. He believes he can spend money that’s not in the account.

2. He spends based on his balance in the bank when he checks it NOT on his balance in his checkbook.

This was a major reason for strife in our marriage. It’s the main reason why have to yell at him nearly every month. Then he patronizes me by saying that well I sent that the first so you should taken the money out then.

You see what’s wrong with that statement don’t you? First of all I didn’t get the check till the 8th because he sent it to the wrong house. Second of all what are you doing spending money you had written a check for!?!

Idiot. I have been trying for a long time to get to a point where I don’t need the money…so that when this happens I can calmly get him to bring cash when he has it and not have to worry. However, I’m not to that point. It’s not like I don’t give him breaks…ie: He’s supposed to be paying for Aia’s insurance but he pays less than half…except this time he hasn’t paid at all cause the check bounced. I want to get to the point so that I don’t need the money….so it can put in a college fund for Aia. He doesn’t get that…he’s got to spend the money on hokey armor and swords while I try to figure out how to buy school supplies for my daughter. Oh wait…I shouldn’t have bought those clothes cause he wasn’t going to pay me this month. Silly me I should have known.

I might not bitch as much if he, ya know, bought things for Aia…but they don’t do that. She needs school supplies, tennis shoes and a new winter coat this year, I’m the one who has to buy them. He’ll say he sends me a enough money. Too bad that I have to pay for daycare, after school activities, clothing that isn’t a rotted handmedown from the step sister, school lunch stuff, etc…and anything else Aia needs.

This weekend marks the first time she called her dad and asked not to go. He lied to her and got her come by telling her she would see her Grandma, which a phone call easily proved him wrong.

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