Traveling Further into the Pacific Northwest

I took a long weekend over Easter and went to stay in Vancouer, Wa. I drove up through Oregon. My trip good me through desert, wintery mountains, gorgeous woods, and the expansive sea.

I wasn’t prepared for the size of the trees and their number. The flyover highways in Portland and how sudden you realize you are flying into the city by car terrified me. Like New York’s narrow streets, I’m always amazed how little we all know about the cities we don’t live in.

I stayed in downtown Vancouver, shopped and ate by the waterfront. I went to Powell’s, to Multnomah Falls, and then drove out to the coast. Canon Beach was lovely. I would love to live there someday. On the way back I stopped at an old logging camp turned rest stop and marveled at how they tried to rewrite the narrative of loggers. I also stopped at the Rice Rock Museum where I got see things I had been taught about in school, like the Alma Rose, and one the largest uncut Topaz’ in existence.

It was such a fun trip.

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