Trouble in Paradise

A few notes and warnings this week.

AOL has claimed that all chatting done on their IM network belongs to them. Even their retraction doesn’t seem to stable. So no more aolim or icq for me. Looks like I’m a yahoo message gal only now.,1759,1775649,00.asp

I’m not particularly fond of McDonald’s to begin with. I take my daughter there though as a treat about once a week. She can play at the play land, plus she gets a toy for fairly cheap. Recently though we’ve noticed a trend.

Lately though, at many different locations we’ve noticed a new trend. The manager stands behind the cashiers. Okay still not so bad.

The problem comes when you try to order.

Last night for instance, I got to the counter and said: “I would like a cheese burger happy meal”.
“Okay,” said the cashier.
“With milk and apple dippers.”
“You want what?” said the cashier.
“Milk with the happy meal.”
“What kind of happy meal?”
“Just a cheeseburger, no happy meal?”
“No, a cheeseburger happy meal.”
“What would you like to drink?”
“Do you want fries?”
“No, apple dippers.”
“What kind of happy meal?”
At this point the manager ran forward and took my order. Something similar happened seconds later with the cashier next to mine. It happened again and again during the two hour span we were there.

Now I could cut them slack. They could be new. Except they weren’t. This girl was there back in October the last time we went to that McDonalds. Same name tag, same rotted teeth, and similar performance. This conversation happens at every McDonalds we go to in some way.

A month ago we went to a different one on Federal and Hampden. My grandmother and I walked up to the counter:

“We would like a number 9, with buffalo sauce, a McGrill, a chocolate sundae, and one happy meal with chicken nuggets.”
The cashier repeated it back to us, and we paid. We were then handed 5 McRibs.
“Ma’am, this isn’t our order.”
“Yes it is.” She then showed us the receipt, which said 5 McRibs.
“That’s not what we said.”
“That’s right,” Says the lady behind us. “They said,” And she repeats our real order.
So they give us a happy meal and take two McRibs away.
“No we need a number 9 and a McGrill.”
So they give us the sundae. After much fighting we get our order. The manager eventually ran up (she was helping the customers at station two). The next lady finally gets to order. She orders a salad, and yes, they tried to give her McRibs any way.

So the question that begs to be asked is this: Are only stupid people allowed to work at fast food now? Perhaps they aren’t stupid. It is possible they don’t speak the language. I’m a believer if you can’t do the job you shouldn’t be paid for it.

At Long John Silver we ask for the combo meal and don’t get fries, every time. It says it comes with fries. At Taco Bell I always go inside to order otherwise they forget to add the sauce to their specialty tacos. I frequent three different Taco Bells depending on the day I go so it’s pretty suspect. At Wendy’s you don’t get sauce unless you say the word extra.

One more MickyD’s story for the road. A few weeks ago, I stopped at one for their chicken strips. I wanted the new chipotle bbq sauce. They gave me regular. When I asked for the special sauce again, they gave me buffalo. I asked again and they gave me ranch dressing.

Do they really think I’ll just go away eventually? At a burger king I was once handed the box of dressings because the manager could not read what kind they were.

I’m sorry, but there is something really wrong here.

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