Trying Something Different.

I am trying to catch up on reviews. I’m not that far behind yet…but it’d be best if I catch up.

Besides that I’m food experimenting this week. Low carb, easy protein. This means fresh fruit and veggies all day…with pre-cooked chicken as the protein source. I cooked bunch of chicken last night (worchester and pepper) then cut it up for easy finger food. I spent my grocery allowance on fruits and veggies from Sunflower Market.

Fruit is doing a good job of curbing the sweet craving. My first goal is to loose the 1lb from the kidney stones and the 1lb from the week of Steamboat.

Then it’s all downhill from there.

My alarm didn’t go off and J. didn’t see fit to wake me up. So Wii Fit will have to be done tonight. That’s okay…I should have time.

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