Twenty One Card Romany Spread

Deck: Hanson-Roberts

Question: Clarify on the spread & question: Should I go forward with the Tarot of Classical Mythos?

1. Ace of Cups(r)
2. Wheel of Fortun(r)
3. Two of Pentacles
4. The Tower
5. The Hierophant(r)
6. The Magician(r)
7. The King of Pentacles(r)

I already know it has been a bad six months. The ace shows the breakup pretty clearly. I’ve been running that wheel of fortune like a race track. It has been turning fast, mostly to the bad side. LOL, oh yeah, money problems, trying to finish college, it was a nightmare. And finally going through the divorce with the tower, lies from Shawn in the hierophant, more lies and me trying to cope with myself and others, ouch. All culminating in the King of Pentacles that says: I’m not too fun right on. No kidding, didn’t I say it was a bad six months?

8. Page of Swords(r)
9. Four of Pentacles
10. Knight of Swords
11. Two of Rods
12. The Emperor(r)
13. The Star(r)
14. The Empress(r)

I’m not sure if the page is me or someone I’m dealing with. There is that one girl in the PSA, as well as Shawn and dare I say Ellen? The four shows my job, I’m sure. I think the knight is me, I rarely care about the feelings of others right now, except my daughter…but even then…The two seems to be what I am doing with myself now. I think it is a good pointer that I am in the right direction. LOL, I think that Emperor must be this guy at work, Lee, he’s causing a lot of axieity right now. Is he a long term problem? Hrm, I think this is kind of how I feel towards my Grandparents, I shouldn’ t, but I can’t shake the feeling that they don’t want me here. Perhaps the Empress is what I want right now, a simple life, no obligations. I envy Shawn that, and I know it will never happen.

15. Ace of Rods(r)?
16. Ace of Swords
17. Ace of Pentacles
18. Strength(r)
19. Seven of Rods(r)
20. Seven of Cups
21. Page of Rods

Well by all the Aces and Major Arcana it seems a great force is at work here. The Ace of rods fell as I turned it so I’m not sure if it was reversed or not. I believe I’ll be along for awhile, and some projects will get put aside as others move forward. But eventually…Love back in the picture, a realization? I hope so. And better finances, yeah! Hrm, I’ll have trouble with feelings for Shawn later? I need to forget him, and I wish he would go away, but well. That strength card looks omnious. Great opposition and I will give up…hrm I will have to remember this and not give in. Hrm..a choice…part of that opposition probably. I’ll have to watch..I wonder if this has to do with selling my home and buying a new on?. Good news or some one new? I think that the pages may be Aia at different stages as well. Together it seems important that she have fun right now(which is a good thing. At least there are people in my future.

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Outline: Dreamfire
Sometimes the mind, for reasons we don’t necessarily understand, just decides to go to the store for a quart of milk.Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider






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