Two Feet to Freedom

No pictures. I will not document this shame. Mostly because I’m too busy trying to dig out to take pictures.

I have a short steep driveway. It’s also narrow and things pool at the bottom, including snow. These last few storms I’ve been at J.’s and haven’t been there to move the snow before it icifys. So I keep slipping to the right and hitting the large snow bank.

And getting stuck.

So digging, pushing, begging help from neighbors/family ensues. Grrrgh.

Today I was two feet from the edge…I managed to make it one foot before my sister showed up with her SUV. I measured my progress in kitty liter. Amazing discovery for this week: Crystal kitty litter works just like salt.

I’ve also discovered Coven Space. It’s Myspace for pagans. I’ve added it to my list of accounts that I have. It’s actually a little nicer and more user friendly than myspace. I hope it takes off.

I have caught up on tarot readings. If you would like a free tarot reading, please click below:

Free Tarot Readings

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