Updates: When Good DnD goes bad.

I’ve gotten a few comments lately on old posts looking for stuff. There is a Fuzzy Navel recipe (the drink) on my recipes page. Also, I’ve been posting reviews.

I’m half way through chapter six. I’ve been bad and haven’t really touched HOD. I’m working on the Serenity module for Bencon AND trying to get Becca’s site all updated.

I’ve lost six inches since I’ve been watching the sugar.  Yeah me!

I’m thinking of quiting my Saturday Dnd game. I’m pissed about it too. Our rules lawyer likes to attack everyone we meet. Everyone. He then claimed that since his intelligence (stat) is higher than mine that everything he inherently does is smarter.

I refrained from smacking him.

He’ll be gone till July. I think I can deal with that. But this is close to the end. We were talking our way through just nicely when he decided to attack. I attacked him back. He smacked me to the ground but she would have fought him till she died at that point. I’m going to the next few games. I’ll see if I can take it.  Next time I will not use low level spells.

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