Upsetting Words

It amazes some times what various Wicca books still assume.

So I’m on day 2 of the year and the day.  They want my reaction to certain words dubbed Upsetting Words.

The words are:  Wicca, Witchcraft, Earth Religion, Power, Occult, Magic, Ritual, Spell and Pagan.

My reaction:  So?  I’ve been a pagan all my life.  These aren’t new.  There’s a small percentage of the population that has a coniption when some of these words are mentioned but most people just give them a pass as normal.

Wicca has been around for at least 50 years.  Most modern pagan movements have been around at least 40 if not longer.   Why don’t we include children in training and what we do?  Why are children excluded from group work, books etc.

The availablity on this material is ifantestemly small.

But back to the point…shouldn’t we have a population that has grown up pagan?

First of all, there is.  But generally we are dismised as liers or over shadowed by the dick-size envy crowd who talks about ancient family practices that sound just like wicca.

But are they raising their children as pagans?  Why the hell not?  Sigh.

Any way the words….my reaction:  And?

They are words.  I use them in the connotaion that they are every day things for me.  That’s all.

I used to be amused by Utopians. With life experience, I have grown to fear them. The great failing of Utopians is that they can never accept that someone else might not want to be a part of their utopian vision. Like ill-mannered tourists, they assume that if you don’t agree with them, it must be because they’re not explaining it simply enough, or often enough, or loudly enough, or ultimately, because you’re stupid. Utopians always think achieving Utopia is simply a matter of education—and then re-education—and then coercion, legislation, litigation medication conditioning threats book-burnings eugenics surgical modifications hunting down the counter-revolutionaries killing the reactionaries genetic engineering—and ultimately all Utopians, no matter how nobly they begin, always end up at the same conclusion: that the only thing that keeps Man from building a secular heaven here on Earth is the nature of Man, therefore we must build a New and Better Man.The Ranting Room






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