V is for taking them out of the Gene Pool

My weekend was delayed.

My cat, my 10 year old, oft called Beauty Cat tried to take herself out of the gene pool this weekend.  Not that she’s really in the gene pool.  She’s had one liter of kittens before I had her then spayed.  But this weekend, in an asinine atempt to end her puddy life she crawled into my celing.

And would not come out.

Not that she couldn’t, she wouldn’t.  She stayed away from me so I could not pull her out.  Well, for those that listen to my rant about dead cats and stupidity of the feline race breath easy.  Seren the henceforth kitty butt is fine.  She let me yank her by the mane at 3:30pm today.  She’s fine, if hungry.  However I have little faith in the longevity for this particular cat.

Also I saw V for Vendetta this weekend.

It was wonderful.

The movie’s lesson is one built into America’s consititution.  The government should be beholden to the people, not a symbol unto itself.  If it ever becomes so the people should take it down.  Theirs more to it then that but basically if you value freedom you have to fight for it.  Including your own government.  I loved the imagery, the symbolism and the ideas.

Something to think on really.

In other news Becca’s site is getting further.  I’m now building the attribute groups then I need to apply them to products.  HOD is up.  Well mostly.  The template is up and I’m pounding out the webcalendar.

It’s an egg, Buffy, it doesn’t emote.Cordelia



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