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The characters are falling out of the woodwork now. I’ve got this head maid, called Mieke who went out of her way to solidify the situation in Tilatha for Eliana. I think I found a spy lurking about too. How annoying. But I’m going to let Eliana use her at least. Her father, who was much more prominent when I planned all of this has dropped back to the token blithering idiot.

This has become a woman’s story.

The castle just insisted on having a staff. So in total I’ve added 20 characters to the mix. Only six of them have names, the rest rely on the Thing 1 and Thing 2 nomenclature…but slowly they have evolved into an underfed version of the staff in the kitchens of Coors. Well, most are a lot younger…but some are just as old.

At least I know already how many people it takes to prepare and serve a 4000 person banquet.

It’s less than you think. And I allowed for the strange technology in Eidmaharia.

On top of all this, the townsfolk have decided they want to have their say too.


Other things in life are more than good. Had another great date on Friday. Pretty silver snowflakes from the bf. Had fun with the sister on Sat, then the nano write in.

I dunno, I liked Stellas, but it was far away, in the neighborhood I was born in though. It had that old timer feel to it. Common Grounds is still my coffee shop of choice…but Stellas has become a good alternative for weekends when it’s just me. On Sundays, probably.

Things with Aia were bad Monday. Her refusal to eat came to a head and I finally left her at the table half the night till she finished. We made a deal. She fusses she loses a toy. She’s good she gets one back. After last night she’s pretty far into the negative.

However, I did good things to Becca’s page last night. The accomplishment bolstered my spirits even if my word count is lagging.

There is more on Ilse’s page in the next day, and a new recipe. Enjoy!

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