Vue 7 Pioneer – Open Beta

I can’t afford to upgrade my copy of Vue 6 Infinite for the moment.  I’m not really worried about it…eventually I’ll upgrade.   But I couldn’t resist participating in the new Vue 7 Pioneer open beta.  Pioneer is the new entry user level version of Vue as in below d’Esprit.  So it’s pretty simple.  It works fine on Mac and Windows.  It doesn’t have Ecosystems, which I’ve come to rely on…but it comes with the basic level of stuff, just like all Vue versions do.  The render options are not as wide as in Infinite…but I’m seariously thinking of getting this for my daughter.  She likes Bryce, but her copy is my old copy, and I’m not interested in installing DAZ’s version which is pretty much just a plugin for their software line.  The results, with little effort, are high above what Bryce can do.  As for what it can to with effort…well have you seen the latest Indiana Jones or the last two Pirates of the Carribean.


Pioneer doesn’t have anything but the very basic Vue, so none of those plant apps, wind, or various shader apps that make it a lot of fun in the more advanced areas (I’m a shader whore, it’s Bryce’s fault, Poser and Infinite just feed my addiction….I hate math, why do function editors make sense to me when adding doesn’t?).

This is what I did yesterday.  Pioneer renders the objects first and then the sky.  Because it’s a beta, watermarks.  It took about 10 minutes to put together, with some simple terrain edits and some tweaks to a pre-set sky.


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