Vue 9

Out of the Forest
Out of the Forest
I’ve upgraded from Vue 6I to Vue 9 Complete. It’s quite a jump though I’m happy to say a good jump. Vue 9 is much more stable than 6. The default interface is cleaner and easier to read. Ecosystems painting is smooth and much easier to use. I created this picture yesterday. I used an infinite plane, a mountain which I sculpted using the new terrain editor tools, an ecosystems populated material (the trees) and then I painted the plane with grass. Look at that grass! I’m silly pleased with this. If they hadn’t offered such a good upgrade price I would have let it go by again leaving me off the upgrade trail in the future.

Things that were hard to do in Vue6 seem much easier in 9. I’ve played with the pioneer versions of Vue 7 and 8 and I’ll probably put the free version of 9 on Aia’s computer soon. I have been impressed with Vue’s upgrade path over the last few years. They honestly upgrade their product and seem interested in their user base much more than other companies. I hope this trend continues.

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