It isn’t so much that I have nothing to do but that I must wait for others to begin.

This sucks, big time.

So my job plods on. Meanwhile, I’ve been teetering on the ledge of being serious about the business of writing.

And today, with short story in hand, I plunged over. I will send in my first serious submission in over 1 ½ years tomorrow. If it gets published, then it will be my first serious publication in over three years.

So what? Well, with a novel manuscript in the works, three shorts almost complete, and two other novel concepts percolating in my brain and in my computer, I have a writing schedule.

What’s more is that I have a submission schedule.

Holy Slush Pile, Batman! I’ve been jumping back and forth from this ledge since high school. I’ve dropped a few choice morsels over, and with the exception of one throw back, I’ve had a fairly steady stream of publications, some pay, some not and few for barter.

Most are nutty: Poetry, articles, and a stint as a fake advice columnist. Today I dropped over. I’ve been writing steadily. I have writing critics. Now I have work finishing up. I haven’t been this prolific since high school, but then I had less to do otherwise.

Will I succeed? I have no idea, but I feel good about this. Getting things on track always feel good.

Now if I could just do that with the rest of my life.

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