Wand Fantasy Play

Summer 2001

Ace & Two

The idea was a spark that set fire to the world. It grew making people rich in ways unimaginable. The will of the creator was true and her sweat brought the land into being. But there are those that rode the back of the creator and used her success to give themselves power. She missed lucrative opportunities, but little did they know that they would never see their own ideas take root as long as the creator slaved over them.

Three & Four

As the creator completed her work, she found a friend who could guide her to the end. At first he refused, not seeing how he could help the enslaved one. As he watched the creator toil he saw how the enslavers kept the creator from reaching her goal. Soon he joined her and they finished her work, freeing from the those of greed.

Five & Six

However, the creator soon discovered that her mentor wanted to continue to fight her enslavers. She continued to work hard while he fought, wasting his energy. He became a jealous rival who would not allow the creator to advance away from her enslaved life because of silly fights. Soon her work paid off and she left her once mentor behind.

Seven & Eight

Tired and weary of work, the creator sat a crossroads. She did not know which direction to take. She knew she had to press on but she was tired and did not want to continue. In one final burst of energy, the creator rose and rushed to the left. There buildings rose in the distance, but before she could enter the city, a group of men stopped her.

“Join us.” They asked. The Creator looked over the men. They seemed poor men. No possessions graced their presence. Their leathers were dirty and patched.

“We could use someone to lead us.” Feeling pity the Creator agreed. The men lead her to their lair outside the city, where she found the families of the men. Meager, small, helpless the people of this cave we in need of great help.

“We need you to help us regain what belongs to us.”

Nine & Ten

The creator wandered among the people. Her voice was quiet and reassure to the poor folk that inhabited the cave. She looked over each person, gauging their strengths and began to formulate a plan.

Sitting with the men that brought her here, the creator looked towards the leader. Eric sat with the weight of his people. Slowly she explained her plan. The would go under moonlight to the town, slowly infiltrating the city and taking prisoner its leaders.

The other men frowned. Why can’t we attack the front gate they said.

“It is better to die head on than to be sneaky.”

“I say we set fire to the town.”

“No, we’ll break the dam and flood it.” The shouts grew and the creator found her position among these people threatened. Eric listen to his men and decide to sent half with the creator and half to storm the gate as a distraction, but the creator tried to argue that she would need all for her plan to work. Eric denied her plan and went with his own.

That night the people split up. The first half rushed the gate, screaming and howling for vengeance. The goddess lead the others over the wall and into the city. Stealthily they moved and went to each house. If empty they were left alone, but if inhabited the people were asked to join or be taken. Surprisingly many joining till the people became a surge rushing towards the castles of the leaders.

But the creator felt jealous. She lost control too many time and could no longer stand the shadows to which she found herself. She rushed ahead of the mob and warned the leaders. They called down their armies and crushed the rebellion. The creator felt saddened at what she had done and without revealing her treachery lead the survivors away from the city. She felt the burden of their thirsts and hunger and it was her fault.

Page & Knight

At first the people would not let her forget. They damned her name and her world. The strain became so much that when a young person looking for a companion to another city came, the creator left with her immediately. At first things went well with the joyous travler. They reached the town and checked inn to the local tavern. There the creator waited for her. The travler came back with sad news saying that she would be getting married and that they could no longer travel together. The creator agreed to attend the wedding.

At the local church dedicated to three male gods, the wedding began. However the groom was nowhere to be found. The father of the traveler railed against him. The creator offered to find him but the conflageration of people were to busy fighting over who’s fault it was while the traveler cryed.

Queen & King

The creator tried to comfort the poor traveler, she offered to help find the man and find out what had happened. But the brides mother would have none of that.

“I will take care of this, after I am your mother. Was it not I that warned you of this man?” She led the bride away. At a loss the creator turned to go, when man stepped forward offering some advice.

“Do not leave your friend when she needs you most dear lady.” She realised the man was right and approached the father to find out if she could stay with them and help. The man looked at her, and sneared:

“If it is your will, miss but you will have to work for your supper!”

Yes or No Simple Answering Spread

For readings I used the Fantasical Tarot, and the Druid Animal Oracle for significators.

S. Water Dragon
1. Three of Wands
2. Ten of Wands
3. Nine of Wands
4. Six of Wands
5. Page of Wands
6. King of Wands
7. Seven of Wands
8. Knight of Wands
9. Queen of Wands

Question: Will the coming school year be good?

At this moment my emotions overwelm me and I’m trying to find a balance.

1. The Answer
The simple answer is Yes. This seems depending on help from others.

2&3. Helpful Influences
Extra hard work will make this happen(to the point of exhaustion..oh boy) Keeping myself stable and health is also key. As my daily meditation said…get back to exercise!

4&5. Mental Reaction
Looks like I’m going to feel pretty good about myself. Though if anything goes wrong I’ll be my usual self and go off kilter. That emotion thing again.

6&7. Adverse Influences
This is a bit confusing, someone with tradtional values and mediation skills will be in the way of my good year? Will he be an obstacle or will this person add to my ego, which could be my undoing.

8&9. Emotional Reaction
Of course I’ll go off kilter. Impetuous emotions is what I do. However, I’d rather be home, again a reaction I always feel.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
Half this game is ninety percent mental.Philadelphia Phillies manager Danny Ozark






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