Washing the Gods

This morning when I got up I washed all the house and wight alters, set out offerings then got started on work.

Today, I’m officially a writer. I wrote, watched my diet and did some house cleaning. Right now I’m sitting with a Chai writing some more. I got some bookkeeping done and tried to answer the panicked questions from the person who took over my old position.

It was a good day.

Decided to quit and become a writer full time.

Tell work so they have time to hire someone else who I can train. X

Update and re-design my website – Still have widgets to deal with….but almost there.

Put aside a 1 – 2 paycheck buffer so I can pay myself on the same schedule – 1 pay check away!

Update and change insurance – bullocks. Not going to happen. So X

Update business cards

Clean up the “room of no return” and get my office in order: still have four more boxes then I can start moving stuff under the stairs. 20 boxes have translated to 3…maybe 4…oh the junk we keep.

Get a tax savings account

Sell that house – closing in four days

Two things left on my big list. I’ve also started writing for Studio Mom, and I have other stuff to work on. I’m feeling good.

The best in years really. It’s funny how chronically ill just doesn’t seem so bad when you’re living your dream.

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