I saw two movies this weekend.

The first was Madagascar. I didn’t really want to see it but my mother was taking my daughter and I had nothing better to do.

There is only one way to describe this movie: Wrong.

It’s just wrong. It is funny (not the main characters but the lemurs and the penguins). It has an interesting story, it even has beautiful animation.

But it’s just wrong.

I can’t get out more than that. The movie defies description.

Then there is Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which I loved. It was a chick flick that had guns and a not so happy story. It was funny with out realizing it (not stupid funny but rather perfectly timed funny). It is not a movie you expect to see.

The characters were well thought out, and there are lots of guns, fights and explosions to keep any guy happy. The action is continuous and the jokes flow very well with the story.

This is defiantly my happy surprise movie this weekend.

Some one asked me what I wanted to do, and I realized: I don’t know.

I had a life plan once. It’s been buried. Now I’m surviving every day with slow deliberation. “Why don’t you go out and do things?” “What?” I ask.

I don’t go out much. I go outside, to parks and such. I haven’t really got the money to spend.

Sigh…what am I doing? I have no frickin clue.

Still, though I do nothing (yeah, right) I’ve had very little computer time lately. Sorry folks, I’ll see what I can get done.

The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they’re going to be when you kill them.William Clayton






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