Weaving Update: This and Me? We’re Like Friends Who Cut Each Other for S & G

I’m nearly halfway done with my first weaving project. It is not what you’d call pretty yet. The bulky yarn snags and fluffs in irritating ways. But I can now do five triangles an hour. Then I have to sew them together.

Making the pretty will require blocking. I’m not sure how well that will go. I’ve seen the before and after of blocking only in photos. I lightly spray the shawl, pin it down and stretch it out to dry. Then it should work. I am skeptical.

My five triangles an hour is not without mistakes. I tend to miss a nail, and have to unweave to fix the problem. The last pull through takes a lot of effort. I have to do it over and over again.

I finished Aia’s scarf. I’m going to try another simple hat and some more complicated stitch pattern. The pattern, a heart in a square, has defeated me before.

I wanna go to Vietnam, I wanna kill a Vietcong, with a knife or with a gun, Either way will be good fun, But if I die in the combat zone, Box me up and send me home, Fold my arms across my chest, Tell my folks I done my best.Army Marching Candence






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