Web Development

I’ve been in web design and development for over 25 years. Here’s a sample of some of my work. If you like, here is my Resume.


Since 2015 I’ve been working directly in the email space. Most of this has been agency work which means it can’t go into my portfolio. However, I’ve worked on major brands across the spectrum. See my resume for more on that work. You can see one major template I worked on which included a multi-brand template with localized API weather data, and image personalization for Vail.

VS Code Theme: Abadon

VS Code is my current editor of choice. I’ve created several themes for various editors over the years, so, of course, I created one for VS Code. You can download Abadon at the Marketplace or install it directly from the Extensions Panel.

Keystone Email
The email dynamically pulls in the snow report and photo you took on the mountain. I created this using OpenSnow API, and custom Ampscript in SFMC.

Code Projects

Whenever I’m working on tutorials or side projects, I usually put them up on Code Pen. You can also check out my GitHub Repositories.

Website Projects