Web Designer and Video Editor

That’s right…now I’m editing videos. I’ll have to update the web portfolio soon. I even designed a logo.

I’ve officially quite FFXI. Let’s face it, I don’t have the time, so why spend the money?

Cat may be gone (extra super sniff) but she may be reincarnated soon. I’ll keep any one who’s reading this posted.

I have photos to go through. I’ve finished Aia’s site…still have work on pulp. 78 Images is looking much better but it’s far from done(Edit: it is done..in all it’s glowy goodness). What else…? Writing…well I’m working on that.

Editing videos for youtube is easy:

You need (win)

1. A dvd ripper
2. A file converter (to convert them into avi, mov, dv, or mp4 dending on your editor)
3. Windows Movie Editor (found in your program files directory)

You need (mac)

1. A dvd ripper
2. A file converter
3. IMovie

So very simple 🙂 Course you might need music and photoshop, gimp or paint shop pro…you might want an extra drive to keep those files on.

Can you tell I’m having fun :).

Writers are not considered part of the larger ecosystem. Creativity and art are afforded little value in today’s corporate culture. It’s a lie, of course writers are everywhere. Our work is ever-present yet our role remains unconsidered. The written word is a powerful support structure, and it’s everywhere you look. Magazines, billboards, instruction manuals, marketing copy, and, oh, I dunno, the entire Internet. Nearly everything begins with the written word, and yet, despite this significant contribution, writers and other creatives exist as a marginalized group. Further, our support system is eroding.Chuck Wendig


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