Website Redesign with CSS3 (and hacks for certain browsers lagging behind)

I haven’t posted much because I was in Vegas, the land of little wifis and because I’ve been busing messing with this website.

I just redesigned it using CSS3 rounded corners and background resize. Ie8 doesn’t support any of it and I’m not sure Ie9 will. I can’t be sure because it was messing with my system too much and I had to uninstall.

The gist is this: A close photo of an orange pink tipped rose, centered, two columns on a pink 30% transparent png with sold borders and CSS3 rounded corners (holy hell I can’t wait till they all support css3 tables), wordpress 2010 menu system fixed to the bottom. I am squee.

Of course I have a lot of legacy font colors to work out (2010 footer, various widgets) and I’m playing with some project management plugins. I need to get my static photos ups for the pages I’ve designed and I’m almost redesigned. Not sure if I’ll put the Poser stuff back up at this point. But I’ll see.

With Nano and such coming I better get my ass in gear.

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