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So if you hadn’t noticed from my grumbling…the asp website that I’ve found myself workingYes, I volunteered. is kicking my ass.

1. I got the ZenCart software to load. It’s sitting in the background until I have a full site to plug it into.
2. Php does work…but it’s very not lenient in the windows environment.

1. I’ve got to rebuild the ASP template siting into a CSS / PHP site using the same layout. This takes time. But to get forms going that I know work and that the folks don’t have to pay for…I’ve got to use PHP. The person who did this before scattered all the files among 10 directories (that’s for one page) and used a templating system that generates the html file using tables. Ick. I can’t plug php into that.

2. I still don’t know exactly what they need. I’ve got ideas…none which will be implemented before the next Con due the overhaul at this rate. I need to do away with the current way the database is used and update that…but not at the expense of speed. So until I talk to the rep which will be awhile due things beyond the control of man. Not their fault at all.

3. Access Database with a web interface. I might be able to deal with this. This is easy actually. However not knowing what they want (aside from a vague statement regarding no web interface) and with access needed so quickly…things are not going happen right away.

So current goals:

1. Rework site.

2. Create submission form.

3. Work in Zen Cart as the main site, including submission form.

4. Decided what to do about the Database.

Oh yeah…I’m back from Vegas…and I’ve got photos. Tonight I’ll working on that…really.

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