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Weekly Log

Monday: Hey I put up a blog post. Got my latest Minecraft stream to YouTube. Dishes are out of hand again. Weight 205. Duex Max adhesives failed, which sucks cause I love the monitor. Got next Saturday’s video done. I have a full log of art videos in the backlog. I should make some tarot ones now.

Tuesday: Trying to learn Apex. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I don’t have a background in Java so this is new territory. I’ll get there. Tarot was quiet today. Wrote 730 words.

Wednesday: Huge medication mix up with the pharmacy. They are trying to fix it. Got some painting done, screwed up the live stream, but still got a lot done. Strangers of Paradise is a lot of fun.

Thursday: Played No Man’s Sky. Got to a black hole. Sold stuff. Nearly got eaten.

Friday: Painting. So much painting. But it’s going well.

Saturday: Summer Solstice Festival. Went well. long day.

Sunday: Sleep, with small boughts of gaming and TV watching.

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