Weight Temptation and Wait

More GVR saga…we get a letter basically stating that we don’t know crap about forclosures and that they have proof we don’t have many if any at all.

The letter was specious.

Then this stupid magazine called the EAST comes out…I say stupid because the editor says this all the fault of the people who didn’t vote for the mill levy.

Well that guy didn’t vote…but I did. I voted no.

Why? Because the mill levy votes were a threat. Pay us or else. That’s all this HOA is good for, threats.

Why Else? Because if they can’t afford to take care of the land, then why are they buying it up. So I voted…apparently they are too dense to understand that we don’t want to pay or have them buy land and have to pay for that too. I have a good mortgage, I’m lucky, but my taxes keep going up all ready…I don’t need these idiots taking more out of my pocket.

So my weight has been fairly steady. I picked up a pilates tape to accent the straight yoga since I can’t make to the gym any more due the commute. The workout was hard but good.

But a monster lurks.

Behind me…at about 10 feet is a fridge…a fridge full of every kind of pop imaginable. All free.

Stupid pop. I can stick to water, I can stick to water.

Well I’ve done some messing around in Poser:

Why, let the striken deer go weep, the heart ungalled play; for some much watch while some must sleep, so runs the world awayHamlet




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