I’ve manged to hit goal two at Weight Watchers (the second five lbs.). Therefore I got red flagged. Apparently I’ve lost more than has been safe. So they told me to use more of my points and then took one away. Blargh. I talked to my doctor. She told me that if the metformin is working I should lose weight faster. Was I eating: yes. Then no problem.

Sunday marked the first day I did not use any weekly points. So I got to use the star in my diet journal. My plans for exercise tonight maybe be screwed as they canceled school today…so it will be an extra hour to get home and Aia won’t be able to start her chores until then. I have to clean the guest room and do laundry. Then there is the unpacking.

Aia has started reading books to me. Chapter books! She’s really doing well in the reading department. She at level 12 in reading right now…level 20 is where she should be at the end of the year if she were in line with the curriculum. Her teacher tells me that she is being given the books in order…about one every two weeks.

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Outline: Dreamfire
Hey, Giles, here’s a nifty idea. Why don’t I alleviate my guilt by going out and getting really, really killed?Xander



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  1. Misty Avatar

    Just a friendly note from your Japanese group . . . Ohayoo has the long “o” 🙂 🙂 🙂 Yes, I am anal retentive. Why do you ask?

  2. Misty Avatar

    Oop . . . and the “hi” should be a “ha” Ohayou gozaimasu.” I’m really going away now . . . really.

  3. Michelle Avatar

    :P….I must pronouncing it wrong then 🙂

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