What am I doing?

Besides being tired?

The last two weeks have been a loss of about a pound each week in inches. What does that mean? It means that though my weight with shoes is still 189, my waist is smaller, so are my legs. However my arms are bigger…in that sense that if I flex, you can see serious muscle.

Cool. Did I ever state my goal? I’m pretty sure I stated my wishful thinking but my goal is to be 180lbs. Considering all the information on thyroid and thyroid related conditions say that you have to loose wieght but don’t bother because you can’t which isn’t quite true, I’m being driven a bit crazy.

Today I was too late to do the walking, so I supplimented with 200+ of various types of situps. My problem area is located right up front. My ass has tightened, my sides have slimmed, but my front looks worse. I can feel a differenceI can do more situps, use heavier wieghts on the abs machines, situp without help, but I’m not seeing it.

Sigh. I’m doing okay on the diet. I could be better. Really, I could be.

Christ died and Christmas was born!Misguided Japanese poster trying to sell the Passion of the Christ at Christmastime.







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