What Day is Today?


Go on.

Right, well all I got were 6 six lunch interuptions and an e-card sent by one shamed vp. Oh, and an explaination of what they gave the admins at the national level.

Not that I expected anything, but today’s been pretty crappy.

My version of standing up to the man is to not back down on my “no illegal request” policy. Now that we know certain orders have been done wrong and we’ve used our one “Stupid enough to stay out of jail” card, I can’t go back to being unknowledgable in the ways of government regulation. I really did not know before. This time, the company did not succeed in keeping me in the dark.

They kept me from going (or knowing about) the meeting in which the government delivered the smackdown. I still found out and in such a way that lead me to queston all orders of this type. That hasn’t stopped the illegal requests from coming. Since last Friday, I’ve been able to straighten things out with the help of other concerned admins.

One manager just tore up the order and now refuses to do any rather than follow the law, which really isn’t that hard.

Today took the cake. I knew it was coming. I told everyone I was not going to back down. So when the harpy vp (really, but she is one of those two faced ones, mostly good but the bad side is really, really bad.) comes to cube/hallway with the order in hand and I paitently listen. What she asks is legal. We cut ourselves out and make the supplier responsible. Great and goody fine. I rewrite the order. So when she marches in here with all the storm clouds brewin’ my heart starts skipping. (I am a coward, and walk around afraid alot, but it generally doesn’t stop me.)

hvp: You did this wrong.

me: okay…

hvp: We don’t want you to put anything here. (guestures to the sheet). We don’t want this linked to the event. You need to rewrite this.

me: No. That’s illegal. (Yes, the look was worth all the crap this job has entailed for two years.) You are trying to go around the system. I will not do this knowingly. You do it.

hvp: But this comes from (vp who is technically my direct boss, who I told that I would say no to anything like this). I am just doing what he told me to do.

me: That’s fine.

She leaves, making snide remarkes as she goes.

This is just a note to say,

I stood up today,

happy admins day!

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our headsThoreau







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