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Got this weird email. It’s spam. Tried to reply, but the address wouldn’t work. Aw well. If you want to see something more interesting then me commenting out spam, check out What Fuzz?. It’s live.

Ave. Who the hell?

I think we had correspondence a long time ago if it was not you I am sorry.
If it was I could not answer you because my Mozilla mail manager was down for a
long time and I could not fix it only with my friend’s help I got the emails
address out for me ..:)
I hope it was whom we were corresponded with you are still interested, as I am,
though I realize much time has passed since then…
I really don’t know where to start ….Starting with, “Who the hell are you?” would be nice
Maybe you could tell me a little about yourself since I lost our early letters, You first, Sweetiecakes
your appearance,age , hobbies, and are you still in the search?The search for what? UFO’s?
If it was you I wrote to and you are interested to get to know me better, I have
a profile at : [Icky Link Deleted]It was long and nasty and not a place you want to click on with a computer you still want to respect you in the morning

Don’t really know what else to say for now I hope this is the right address Only so many words can say how dumb that sounds…10

Let me know if you are interested, And I hope
you won’t run when you see my picture 🙂

Best regards…..


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